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Video Chat + Distance Reiki

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*this is not a replacement for medical advice


Have an online oracle reading and distance reiki session. Have a one on one talk about your concerns and receive some self love tools, guidance from your ancestors and a chance to connect over a video chat!


+ distance reiki session
+ crystal oracle reading on zoom
+ 3 card pull minimum
+ sol healing recommendations
+ a sense of stress relief, restoration & empowerment.
+ self-love, self-care & sol healing chat/reading.

you will be contacted within 24 hours via text to book.


Distance Reiki Healing sessions will last 15-20 minutes. You will not need to be present. I will send you a fulfillment email when i am getting ready to send you reiki healing.

You can sit in silence for the next 10-30 minutes or continue with your day.

I will channel reiki energy and align/balance each chakra, cleanse your aura/energy, allow spirit to guide me on what needs healing and you will feel restored, refreshed & reminded after.

the next 24-48 hours after your session:

you may experience healing symptoms, tiredness, headaches, stomaches, crying spells, or tingling sensations . You will also experience calmness, alignment, peace, and clarity.

think of reiki like energy massages.

you want to keep up on your massages and work out the kinks and tension that come and go frequently as well as clearing the build up thats incited over time.. let’s start taking better care of our energy.


Benefits of Reiki:

- clear emotional & energy blocks
- align & balance energy centers/chakras
- improves relaxation & sleep.
- reduces depression and anxiety.
- eases physical mental spiritual pain.
- promotes health and well being.
- aids in finding your soul purpose.
- releases toxins and aids in digestion
- strengthens immune system
- awakens intuition and self awareness

*reiki can be performed over distance, as energy knows no time or space. This makes it possible for you to receive the healing benefits even if you’re unable to book locally.

you will be sent a personal distance reiki board & form with crystals that were selected during your alignment & any notes.

expect fulfillment within  24- 72 hours tops.

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