Crystal Oracle Reading
Crystal Oracle Reading
Crystal Oracle Reading
Crystal Oracle Reading
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Crystal Oracle Reading

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1 recorded voice memo reading.

hear what your spirit guides & ancestors would like to communicate with you.
to bring you peace, clarity or direction.

+ crystal oracle card reading.
+ 3 card pull minimum.
+ crystal & sol healing recommendations.
+ a feeling a peace & empowerment after
+ 1 customized Sol Healing Kit shipped with including crystals, herbs, oils or cleansing tools needed to assist after reading. 

average connection time 10-30 minutes.

Even the most intuitive doubt themselves sometimes. It’ okay to ask for help. It’s okay to ask for clarification. If you’re needing some guidance on a specific issue or just wanting to know what your spirit guides & ancestors are wanting you know right now. Book a session for a recorded reading in a voice memo. A channeled messaged from your guides through me. See what they have to say.


I am simply providing you the tools to help you heal yourself by healing your Sol.


Sol Healing Kit 
A customized Sol healing Kit intuitively crafted with healing tools. Each Kit will consist of crystals that come up in your reading or similar, and other energy cleansing tools recommended from each reading.


Crystal Oracle Reading
This crystal oracle reading will be recorded in a voice memo and sent to you via email, along with an image of the spread. 


+ Sol Healing Kit will include but not limited to items recommended to you on your prescription such as smudge sticks, crystals, oils, written instruction, etc
all intuitively prescribed 

for your healing journey.

Get the messages & reassurance from your guides & ancestors you’ve been waiting for.

Allow me to reaffirm and guide you with a raw message from a friend to catapult you into the next level of your Sol healing journey.


We’re all just healers helping heal each other.


When will I get my reading?
Allow a minimum of 7-10 business days for your reading to be sent to you via email. Most will be done sooner but due to it being energy reading, my energy can fluctuate. 


At Checkout 
Write in the notes if you have any specific questions/concerns. 


Please write in the notes that I have permission to connect with your spirit.
thank you. 🙏🏽



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Royetta Ross

I would like to thank my reader for my reading. It really was dead on. I would definitely do it again. Thanks