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Strawberry-Banana Smoothie Bowl

Written by Briana Johnson


Posted on January 14 2019

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie Bowl (Recipe)


I honestly don’t even know what to call it. smoothie bowls like this deserve a name of its own. Almost like you’re ordering from a restaurant. hmm. yeah, i’m going to start giving my smoothie bowls names. Start manifesting me opening up my own raw juice, smoothie, smoothie bowls and herbal tea shop. I’ve always wanted to share my smoothie bowl creations and smoothies because (FULL COCKY SHIT) my smoothies and bowls actually taste good as fuck and the texture is 9/10 immaculate AF too. ask around about me.
Well…ask my like 3 friends and my family lmao.

this baby is going to be called “the hitter”
”hi, i’d like to order the hitter please.” lmfao. because that shit is gone HIT. I promise.

so anyways, I’m really not like your typical blog with the super long blog post before the recipes because to be honest, I hate that shit and I always bypass it and scroll right to the damn recipe.

the ingredients

the smoothie:
hemp milk
frozen strawberries
frozen bananas
fresh blueberries
raw agave

start off with less liquid to maintain control of the smoothie consistency.
blend all your ingredients together until creamy and thick.
pour smoothie into a bowl. you can add or substitute any additional toppings you would like!
get creative!



I personally don’t measure anything when I create in the kitchen. However, if you guys really need them please reach out to me and I will change my method. but as always. I hope you guys enjoy this smoothie bowl. please share them with me and let me know how you like it at home.

love always,
peace & light.




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