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How to Make a Smoothie Bowl

Written by Briana Johnson


Posted on February 03 2019

How to Make a Smoothie Bowl (Recipe)


I feel like this post is looooong overdue. I’m surprised that I haven’t made this already.
I remember the first time i ever had a smoothie bowl. I was in Miami and I found this place called “DIRT” OMG.
They were so damn good. The smoothie bowl, astounding.
I came home and tried to remake what I had there and it was an epic fucking fail.
I wish had I still the pics but i’m a delete-it-all-aholic.
Anyways, I say that to say, practice makes perfect. Don’t give up.

Also, why we are here.
I am not a huge fun of a bunch of writing and story time right before a recipe. Its just not my thing. However, I understand this isn’t always about me and I am learning to be less selfish, include my readers more. So, If you would prefer a story time before the recipe let me know below. You can even let me know if you prefer it the way it is.


The key to a good smoothie bowl is using less liquid.
Always start off with less liquid.
This will make your smoothie thick.
Not too thick that you have a crazy amount of chunks in your smoothie, even though,
overtime…I’ve actually come to love those little frozen chunks of fruit that are left behind.
Back to the topic.

Prep your fruit first!
If you’re going to top it with fresh fruit,
cut the fruit before you start making your smoothie part.

Okay so here’s the hard part..

After you have made a really good, sweet, and thick smoothie base;
you pour the smoothie into a bowl.
top your fruit over the smoothie really pretty.
add chia seeds, nuts, goji berries, granola, etc.


Take a cute pic.
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