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Blimey Limey Smoothie Bowl

Written by Briana Johnson


Posted on August 30 2018

Blimey Limey Smoothie Bowl (Recipe)



This recipe is a remake of Tropical Smoothies “Blimey Limey.” 

In high school, TSC used to be my favorite place to go when I was on my to school. I use to call in an order every morning and sometimes stroll in late to class with a hot egg burrito and a blimey limey in hand 9 times out of 10. Hmm, I may have to make an eBook remaking all my favorite Tropical Smoothie combos. Mine would, of course, be made fresh, healthy and vegan.
It’s crazy how “healthy,” I thought they were. It’s healthier for you then maybe McDonald’s but their marketing is fake news. I stopped going there when I found out their smoothies were made of basically turbinado sugar and canned fruit. I also had a bad experience about 2 years ago now, when my husband ordered me a Buffalo Wrap made vegan with their vegan chicken, right. Well, I bit into that fucker and it was too real. I spit it all out just to see they added real chicken to it. All they offered me was to remake my wrap. LOL, I got my money back and never went back.
I’m saving to open my own Raw Juicery withing the next 1-2 years.  I will take over Tropical Smoothies clients and give them real, raw food from the earth. I can’t wait.
Until then, you guys get to continue enjoying my smoothie and smoothie bowl recipes.



– Frozen Strawberries
–  Frozen Pineapples
– Fresh Oranges
– Fresh Strawberries
– Squeeze Fresh Lime
– Raw Agave
– Spring Water
– Hemp Seeds (optional)

Bowl Toppings

– Fresh Strawberries
– Orange slices


 – Blend all your ingredients together until creamy and thick.
– Pour smoothie into a bowl
– Add/substitute any additional toppings you would like!

Start off with less water to maintain control of the smoothie consistency

Have you had the blimey limey a Tropical Smoothie? What’s your favorite drink there? Share below!

peace & light,



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