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What Made Me Go Vegan

Written by Briana Johnson


Posted on October 22 2018

What made me Go Vegan?


I feel like I’ve just drifted way far into the ocean and lost sight of the shore. Lost at sea while finding peace and comfort in that. As you can see, I’ve started my site, shop, blogs, everything over… again.
I’ve started over in so many senses.
I’ve died so many deaths. I’m so ready to try this again. This is me getting rid of all the old, stagnant energy that was once here. I needed a break, I need to figure out what I wanted here. I still don’t actually know but I’m happy with the fresh start. I’m happy to actually want to sit here and write, think, create, & repeat. I am trying to take it back to the basics and start answering the questions that i get asked the most. One of the obvious questions for me is, What made you go Vegan? How did you transition? Well….

I like to think i was always meant to be vegan. When i was in:
high school - i was a “free-spirit”
middle school - i was an “ old soul”
elementary school - i was a “social butterfly”

ask my mom, she will verify.

This is what the teachers or adults in my life would refer to me as all the time.
I remember in high school i had my mom buy all these “save the earth”, “reuse, reduce, recycle” tee shirts and i would wear the “WWF panda purse to show my support lmao. My best friend Jhenay and I also went pescatarian in high school for a few weeks.. We survived off McDonald’s filet o fishes and $1 sweet teas for weeks. We stopped because Chic-Fil-A released the Spicy chicken sandwich and we said FUCK all that, we went to Greenbrier mall, sat down and thoroughly enjoyed every bite of that spicy chicken sandwich.

However, overtime I started to get into different conspiracies and began to believe that there was a bigger plot to keep us sick and unmotivated through our music, all forms of entertainment, movies and most of all…the food. I stopped eating at at fast food restaurants in 2012 (except CFA, Zaxby’s, and Canes). I got really into making things from scratch and always having home cooked meals. Cooking for my friends and family was pure happiness. To me, anything home cooked was healthy. It wasn’t. but it was definitely a step in the right direction. My ex-husband had to get jaw surgery in 2015 so i started drinking a ton a smoothies with him because i didn’t want to come home eating chicken sandwiches in his face. As i noticed my body feeling better and the boost in my energy at work, i started watching more documentaries on Netflix about food. Food Inc, Fed Up, Vegucated were the ones i remember watching that night. Vegucated is the one that introduced me to the Vegan Lifestyle and made me want to go Vegan. A lifestyle that’s healthy, doesn’t harm animals and full of weirdo’s? Sign me up!!!

I talked to my husband that day and said, “hey, i wanna go vegan. i want your support in this.”
He said, “i support you. however, i’m not going vegan.” So I went Vegan. I even agreed to cook his meals of flesh still. That didn’t last very long. After a few months of being on the diet and thoroughly enjoying every minute, i remember one night i went to take out a roast for him and i could see the blood frozen on this dead piece of flesh and it put me in tears. I could physically see this animals body cut into to fleshy pieces for human consumption. This poor life. I couldn’t stomach cooking it anymore. I can’t. I couldnt, and didn’t.


I’ma be honest with you. For me, veganism is really easy. I’ve never craved meat. I think I just always knew the benefits of this diet for myself, the environment and most importantly the animals and i really truly don’t have an urge to ever indulge in animal flesh again. Whenever i smell a familiar smell that makes me hungry i just find the vegan alternative. simple. There’s so much to our access nowadays i don’t feel like i need meat. I’ve never slipped up. I’ve never went back. I’ve had assholes “accidentally” put meat or dairy on or in my food throughout the journey which has genuinely fucked up my body but if there’s one thing i’m perfect at. I’m pretty damn close to it when it comes to veganism. It’s really like my life. It comes natural to me. Eating or drinking an animals flesh and secretions just doesn’t tempt me whatsoever. That’s me, I understand that’s not the case for everyone. I’m always here for assistance on your transition. Please always reach out to me with questions by social media or email. I may not always get to respond to them right away or directly but I will start addressing them here for sure. To my readers, followers, fans, whatever you want to call it and all the newbies to my life. I want to say thank you. Thank you for checking in, thank you for checking me out. I created this outlet because honestly it’s in my blood to help others. Like i said, ever since I can remember, I've been called an old soul, a mom, a free spirit, social butterfly, animal lover and so much more. At some point I just finally started doing & creating something even when I didn't have a clue what to create, where to start or where it originates. To be honest, i never even referred to myself as a creator until recently. This is a creation. This takes time, effort and a vision. My life is an open book. As open as I’m able to handle at least. As open as I feel is respectful to myself. As open as I please and as raunchy and annoying as can be because this is MY outlet. I want your support, I want your thoughts, I want you to learn from me, but don’t come here to judge me. Accept me for who I am today. Remember that I am human just like you. I just heal differently.

I’ve been vegan for 4 years today!!!!! I can’t believe it. I love it. It’s easy. No RAGRETZ! Here’s a post in celebration of my veganniversary. Please contact me with anything questions about my lifestyle and transition for me to address in future posts.

peace & light,



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