Vegan Netflix Documentaries

Vegan Netflix Documentaries


Are you thinking about going Vegan?
If so, I always recommend people to watch documentaries on Netflix as they begin their journey. Whether you are going vegan for your health, ethics, or the animals, watching a good documentary is a good way to fuel your fire. I feel like these documentaries can consistently present more facts than I could without feeling like I left something out.


When I first went vegan, I was already focused on living a healthier life. I was a newlywed and I was always cooking homemade meals like his mom’s favorite pot roast, crab boils, shrimp, salmon, eggs and spinach, pizza, mozzarella sticks; you name it. I cooked homemade everything. I truly thought I was healthy. Sadly, I wasn’t.

I first got hooked on the documentary Fed Up which is mostly about processed food and the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.).  It was a great documentary which recommended that I watch Vegucated.  Once I watched that documentary, I went vegan that night. I was thrilled there was a lifestyle that committed no harm to animals and minimalized the damage to the environment as well.


During my vegan journey, people like to ask A LOT of questions and challenge your lifestyle A LOT. Watching these will always give you some facts to share and always pass these documentaries along.

If you’re serious about changing your diet/lifestyle, please take 1-2 hours and watch a few of these when you can and share them with a friend.

Fed Up, What the Health, Food, Inc., Cowspiracy, Vegucated, Food Matters, GMO OMG, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead.

This documentary Earthlings is not on Netflix. It is only available to stream on Youtube at the moment. This is a documentary everyone must watch.


Did you watch any of these documentaries? Did any of them help you transition to a vegan lifestyle? If so, share what you thought about the documentaries below.

peace & light,

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