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The Smoke Cleansing Basics

Every morning or after afternoon I like to turn on music to wake me up.  
I usually begin shuffling through whatever artist or mood or I’m feeling at the moment. I immediately begin to light a beautifully wrapped herbal smudge stick, usually sage or rosemary covered in flowers and herbs. 

As my smudge stick begins to burn, I begin swirling my wand around my head and my body, envisioning my aura being cleansed.

while speaking my intentions for the day. a strong smell of cleanliness and a huge sense of peace spreads throughout me and the space. when i've said my prayers, affirmations, and set my intentions on what I want to remove from the space
- negative energies, entities, and spirits.
insecurities, doubt, hate, anger, etc.
whatever resonates with you.

when I feel that it's time, I open my windows and tell the energies that arent of God's love and God's light to leave. I tell the low vibrational energies that aren't here to love me & guide me to serve my souls purpose, and being my best, most authentic, most loving self to leave.

as i continue to cleanse and remove the energies from each from, and clarity creeps throughout my home. I start picking up the clothes I threw on the floor the night before and straightening up my space so it’s free and clear of clutter.

As the smoke fills up the space and I have waved my wand around each crack, crevice and object that needed cleansing, I open my windows to allow all the negative energy swept up in my smoke to exit, peacefully.

After your I cleanse with sage especially, because it removes all the good and bad energy I follow up with an energy sweetener like palo, lavender, cedar, rosemary etc. to bring the high vibrational energy back and attract loving spirits. 

are you ready to buy sage but not sure what to do or where to start? Smudging, or burning sage can be used to cleanse the air around you, remove negative energy from your aura and home, or used in a rituals. Native Americans used sage for religious ceremonies and it was said that the rising smoke carried your request to Spirit. In our current society, it is also used for removing bacteria and germs from the air or remove household odors. Native Americans also burned sage to clear their mind as well as their homes.

There is no limit to how often you can and should smudge. I smudge almost daily and I encourage you to begin now so you can notice a difference in your mood, space and spirit when you do and when you don’t. I will begin to make more in depth posts about how to smudge a house, rituals, the essentials and more.

When you receive your sol healing tools you will always receive a small guide on how to burn your smudge sticks. For anyone who would like to know how it all works before you purchase, this post is for you.

When you are ready to cleanse, meditate, start a yoga session or just re-balance the energy, you will want to:

  • Light the end of the smudge stick over a fire-proof dish.

  • Hold flame to your smudge stick until it catches fire.

  • Once it’s lit, gently blow it out until stick is smoking.

  • Once it smokes, set intentions and begin your rituals.

  • Open the windows to allow negative energy to flow out.

  • Place in sand, shell, or on a heat resistant surface to extinguish.

Keep away from children. Wave gently to avoid burning particles from falling.

Smudging is not demonic or evil. I know growing up in a religious household with different beliefs about spirituality, you could be skeptical about smudging. I promise this is a great healing tool to add your routine. Start healing your home, your aura and bring peace into your space.


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  • Chelsea on

    Hey Babe- Thank you for sharing your routine and your tips on cleansing. This was super helpful for me. You’re awesome. Also, I just wanted to let you know that the “shop” link at the bottom of the post is not working. It could be an issue on my end but it wasn’t working for me.. just thought I would let you know in case it is that way for everybody. XOXO – Chels

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