staying calm with customer service.

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Staying Calm with Customer Service

Do you find yourself getting worked up every time you call customer service?

Calling Customer Service is still a pretty daunting situation.

You never really know what kind of person you’re going to get. If they’re having a bad day, if the person before them was a complete jerk, or if they don’t really care too much about customer service themselves.

 I’ve finally conquered the best way to go about it.

It’s not showing them how much of a hard ass you are, it’s not demanding to speak to a Supervisor every chance you get or being a downright nasty person.

How to Stay Calm & Have a Successful Customer Service Experience:

  • Ask them how their day is going

  • Be Nice

  • Be Kind

  • Have Manners

  • Treat them with respect (they are human, just like you).

  • Stay Patient

  • Be Understanding

  • Be Thankful

  • Make them smile/laugh

  • Be the light of their day


Contrary to old belief, you actually accomplish more and you feel a whole lot better after doing these things.

Have you tried these tips to create a better experience for yourself and the customer service reps? How do you stay positive during frustrating phone calls? Comment below.

peace & light,

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