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i'm a crystal newbie.
what crystals should I get first?

when you first become drawn to crystals it can be very overwhelming on what crystals to initially start working with and not to spend an entire check on rocks. 

let me go ahead and save you time & money on:

  • what crystals you should start with 
  • how to discern for yourself & 
  • the reason why you're being drawn to healing stones.

maybe you like physical touch, physical things of this world, or a very earthy person. when you first start entering a discovery of yourself & discovery of the spiritual world stones are often put in your place because they are easy to connect to. our inner child genuinely loves colorful cool stones made from the earth. during our sol healing journey, during your healing process, you're going to find connecting to your inner child, inner teenager, inner self is always the key. 

it's our most happiest place in this realm.
in essence you have to crawl before you can walk and it looks like your spirit team decided crystals were going to be the easiest way for you to start working with your energy, aura and the spirit world. learning the basics of crystals, their energy, how to work with them is a great way to learning the basics chakra healing, energy healing, connecting with spirit and more.


how to shop for crystals:
the key when starting with crystals is learning to tap into your intuition. 
it's the beginning process of trusting yourself, trusting your spirit, and trusting your guides. 

the best way to shop for crystals is to do so in silence.
quiet your mind however you can and ask yourself:

"what do I need right now?"
- love? healing? connection? clarity? truth? 
listen to your self and listen to your calm mind and hear what is says.
follow your senses, your gut, yourself. 

"what stone do I need" 
- rose quartz, amethyst, jade.

listen to the first instinct.
don't question yourself.
don't stress yourself.

shopping for crystals whether it be online or in person is listening to your spirit. i don't believe you have to only shop in-store. you can connect more with stones in person, absolutely. you can literally feel their energy, their exterior, their essence.
but you can also shop for crystal online by listening to yourself on what you need. allowing yourself to be guided and drawn to what you need, in this moment in time. 


my recommended beginners crystals & why:

these stones are like the salt and pepper of crystal prescriptions. 
you can use these interchangeably on many chakras, with many rituals, with many of different healing ailments and modalities. 

first, you can start with ANY crystals you feel drawn to start with.
we are always on different places and different, pages, & different stages of our journey, no ones will look like the other. 

reminder: do not compare & do not compete

if you are unsure & would like guidance on the best ones to have it your crystal healing cabinet, these are what I recommend. 

amethyst - for psychic protection & enhancing your psychic abilities. enhancing your intuition, connection to the spirit world, your spirit team of angels, ancestors & spirit guides. 

rose quartz - for encouraging self love, unconditional love, forgiveness, opening and softening the heart, for attracting love into your  mind, heart & aura. 

clear quartz  or selenite - for clarity in the mind body and spirit. for receiving clear messages & guidance from your spirits & intuition. for enhancing and boosting the energy of other stones. for connecting and meditating.

black tourmaline, obsidian or onyx-  for absorbing negative energy on you and around you. for psychic protection, energy protection, aura protection & physical protection. for grounding and calming extreme emotions like anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, etc


i hope that this short guide to getting your first starter crystals helps to guide you in some way on your journey back to yourself. 

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