Should You Add Oil Pulling Into Your Daily Routine?

the obvious answer is yes. oil pulling is very beneficial to your morning routine. the hard part is actually incorporating it daily. if you can begin adding this to your daily routine you will begin to see a range of benefits for your teeth, gums, health, and overall well-being. if you don’t like flossing or you seem to forget, this may be for you! oil pulling has been proven to be more effective than flossing and it’s all natural!

what is oil pulling? oil pulling is swishing oil around in your mouth for 5-20 minutes (or however long you can stand).

what kind of oil do you use? the most popular oil for pulling is coconut oil, but you can use sesame or olive oil.


photo by roberta sorge

i like to oil pull while i’m in the shower so i know i’m pulling the recommended time frame. then, i just spit it out right before i finish. for maximum results, you want to use an all-natural fluoride-free toothpaste afterward.

it’s a very simple task but there were a few drawbacks for me personally. if you can get past these and find a way to make this work for you, do it! when i first started oil pulling these were the minor things i didn’t care for, but these aren’t reasons against it.

  1. i had to buy a coconut oil jar specifically for oil pulling. i didn’t like the thought of sharing a jar that my husband could possibly put his dirty fingers in, getting random hair in my mouth or residue from cooking.

  2. i needed a spoon that was kept clean and covered for when i scoop the oil out the jar.

why should you oil pull? oil pulling is a natural way to detox your body by drawing toxins out through your mouth. the mouth holds a ton of bacteria, viruses, fungi and many other toxins. oil pulling daily will draw out these toxins before they get a chance to enter your body. in turn, this will greatly improve your health and many other benefits.

photo by jonas dücker

benefits of oil pulling: 

  1. naturally whitens your teeth

  2. detoxes the body

  3. treats tooth decay

  4. proven to help with tmj symptoms

  5. kills bad breath

  6. increases energy

  7. heals bleeding gums

  8. prevents heart disease

  9. reduces inflammation

  10. soothes throat dryness

  11. prevents cavities

  12. heals cracked lips

  13. boosts the immune system

  14. improves acne & keeps skin clear

  15. strengthens gums and jaws

  16. aids in hormonal changes

  17. reduces headaches

  18. promotes oral hygiene

how long until you see results? some people begin to results immediately, and for some, it could take a few days or weeks for results.

how do you oil pull? before you brush your teeth or eat, place a tablespoon of oil (preferably extra virgin, organic, cold pressed) in your mouth and then swish it around your mouth and in between your teeth. while swishing the oil around you will be swishing toxins around your mouth so do not swallow the oil.

quick steps to oil pull

  1. oil pull first thing in the morning.
    – before eating or drinking

  2. swish oil in your mouth for 5-20 minutes.
    – without swallowing

  3. spit it out.
    – in the trash, oil can clog pipes

  4. brush your teeth
    – use an all natural toothpaste
    – optionally, you can do a salt rinse after

  5. repeat 4-5 times a week for maximum results.
    – daily if you can

do you oil pull? what have changes did you notice after oil pulling? share with us below!

peace & light, 

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