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Self Love Saturday

Written by Briana Johnson


Posted on June 22 2018

Self-Love Saturday

it’s self-love saturday!



every day is a self-love day. we should call it “spoil yourself with extra love and care on saturday”

here are some ideas for you to partake in:

– start the day speaking positive affirmations
– read a book
– go for a walk
– connect with the earth barefoot
– clean your room/ declutter
– pamper yourself
– learn a new skill
– turn off your cell phone/electronics
– practice yoga
– meditate
– watch your favorite movie
– create a playlist of your favorite songs
– write yourself a love letter
– make your favorite vegan meal
– go to your favorite vegan restaurant
– go outside
– lay in the grass/sun
– write a list of  everything you are grateful for
– cuddle with your pet
– create a vision board
– write down your future goals and what you’ve accomplished
– stay present
– stay calm
– stay happy
– go talk/out with a friend
– go to a museum, animal sanctuary, or art gallery
– keep your phone on silent
– create/be creative



what’s your favorite thing to do alone? what self-love habit are you lacking? share below!

peace & light, 



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