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Regrowing Your Produce

Written by Briana Johnson


Posted on January 05 2019

Regrowing your Produce


Did you know there are many herbs, fruits, and vegetables that you can regrow at home?

My dad has the ultimate green thumb. He can grow plants out of a toilet (literally). I didn’t quite inherit his green thumb as quickly as I would’ve liked. I have murdered hundreds of plants to get where I am today. I have tried to grow balcony gardens for the last 3 years and they would always fail. I have a little space in the backyard of my new townhome and I dream of having my own produce to pick from.

I’m slowly developing my green thumb. I kill way fewer plants now. I’m not sure what’s come over me, maybe it’s because I’m actually checking the soil before I water them, Looking up how to care for each plant, or because I actually speak to them and take them outside with me when it’s sunny. I’m not sure, but I’m grateful. My gardening journey has finally begun and I’m so excited for it. I’m starting off with growing everything in pots, but I eventually want to build my own garden box.

I also started saving my food scraps for my compost. I like the idea of not wasting ANY food. We keep a bowl in our kitchen for scraps that need to be taken outside to the compost now. Saving the scraps has made me remember that I could regrow some of them. I had given up on it in the past because I obviously murdered them all. I just recently saved the ends of my Bok Choy and Celery from my Loaded Green Soup Recipe.

Cut the ends off.
Place in a bowl of water
Change the water daily.
It will begin sprouting in 1-3 days.

(Dec 2. This is after being in the water for 3 days.) 

(Dec 7. I put them in the soil. Btw, the celery takes way longer to sprout.)

Here are a list of fruits and vegetables you can regrow from their remains:

  • Ginger – soak overnight, in soil

  • Celery – in water

  • Cabbage – in water

  • Lettuce – in water

  • Bok Choy – in water

  • Garlic – place in soil or water

  • Pineapple – over water

  • Carrots- place top in water

  • Onions – place roots in soil

  • Mushrooms – place stem in compost, very little sunlight

  • Peppers – dry seeds out, in soil

  • Jalapenos- dry seeds out, in soil

  • Apples – dry seeds out, in soil

  • Basil – in water

  • Cilantro- in water

  • Green Onions – in water

  • Lemongrass – in water

  • Leeks – in water

  • Sweet Potatoes/Potatoes – Cut into pieces with roots. Let them dry out, place in soil

  • Pineapple – Put the top in water for two weeks

  • Avocado – save the seeds, let them dry out naturally and crack in soil, or place over water with toothpicks

  • Aloe – place aloe leaf in soil

(Dec 13. I killed one of the bok choy and added new soil.)


What fruits and veggies have you regrown at home? Share your story below!

peace & light,




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