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smokeable herbs!?
yes, theres other plants other than cbd, marijuana & tobacco that you can smoke to provide healing benefits and scratch that itch.

I personally like to use blend herbs in with my green to for one, stretch it! 
& two, for extra healing benefits & intention. 

a major key for me to stay productive is to give my joints intention. 

- to go to sleep
- to create
- to relax
- for energy

if you're interested in making your own blends are home you can shop for herbs available in the shop or but pre-made blends. 
here a list of a few of my favorite herbs & the energy they provide. 

rose petals - help to calm the nerves and invite love into your mind, body and space. rose helps to heal the heart chakra, heal from grief, sadness, stress & even insomnia.

chamomile - another very calming herb. chamomile calms the nerves, releases stress, anxiety & assists with falling asleep or relaxing deeply.

lavender - soothes anxiety and stress. a very deep relaxation herb for even the most head strong, type a personalities. also eases insomnia & can boost appetite. 

lemon balm - a serious mood lifter & slight energizer. lemon balm eases anxiety, sadness, depression, can help with enhancing memory & concentration. known to help to calm mania/hysteria. 

damiana - induces euphoria & a deep relaxation. a well known aphrodisiac that can increase libido, relieve stress, replenish your energy, and act as an anti-depressant. 

mugwort - helps to relieve anxiety, stress, irritability and insomnia.
also helps to relieve headaches, migraines, menopause, and menstrual symptoms.  

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