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Curly Hair FAQS

Written by Briana Johnson


Posted on June 06 2018

Curly Hair FAQS


q: how do you define your curls?
to define my curls, i apply a leave-in conditioner on wet or damp hair, and finger comb it through in sections.
to get ultra defined curls, i use a gel or styling cream to hold my curls. i then finger comb and scrunch the product into my hair. after, i don’t part or touch until my hair is fully dry to prevent frizz.

q: how do you get so much volume?
a: i add more volume to my hair by “breaking the seal.” to break the seal, you simply shake out your curls from your scalp once they are fully dry. this will break up your curls and give them volume.


q: what current products do you use?
a:  i am currently using shea moisture & deva curl products
i use a variety of shea moisture products and i use the deva curl decadence products.
[hair routine video coming soon]

q: how do you protect your hair at night?
a: i put a pineapple ponytail in my hair at night and cover it with a satin bonnet and/or satin pillowcase. this will protect and preserve your curls.

q: do you air dry or diffuse?
a: i always air dry. i use to diffuse but it causes more heat damage my hair. i just became comfortable with the wet dog stage and learned to enjoy the process.



q: how do you detangle? do you use combs?
a: i only finger comb products through my hair in the shower or on damp hair. i don’t use combs or brushes in my hair.

q: what protective styles do you wear?
currently, none. i haven’t found a style for my hair texture yet.  i only wear a pineapple or i occasionally twist the front of my hair back with bobby pins…



q: did you do a big chop?
a: i did. i had my big chop on april 19, 2014. i have cut my hair about 3-4 times since.

q: how do you minimize your frizz?
personally, i love frizz now. i will rock the homeless curls for days but i use microfiber towels to squeeze excess water and products from my hair after a fresh wash. i also apply my products to soaking wet hair.


q: how do you find a curly certified stylist in your area?
a: i used the “stylist finder” on to find my current curly stylist.
okaloosa county area, you can contact danna at  205-218-8016. let her know i sent you!

q: do you use shampoo?
a: i don’t. i only use conditioners; however, if i feel my hair is heavy and needs a cleansing i use an acv and water mix on my scalp.

please send in your curly/natural hair questions below!
peace & light,



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