Intro Guide to: Angel Numbers & Ancestors

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I feel like we all grew up seeing it.

"11:11, make a wish!"
whole time, it should have been

"11:11, connect with your angels & ancestors!"


I remember seeing 11:11 on the clock so frequently and it always felt more significant than just making a wish but I made sure to always take that entire minute to just pray my little butt off. I believe I still was connecting with them and they were hearing out my every call and prayer when I did. 


I just wish I had someone in my life or an elder who was into the spiritual world to teach me how to go farther and not to be scared. Unfortunately, some of our families are so far lost, strayed away and disconnected from our roots we are seriously just - lost. 

and it's up to us... SOL HEALERS.

The ones having to find out for ourselves, pave the way for our families, while also healing ourselves.

the black sheep,
the free spirits,
the rebels,
the weirdoes.  

there's a reason we've always been this way and always felt that what we were being told just didn't resonate with our spirits so society purposely labeled us.

when you see repetitive numbers and more specifically - angel numbers.
they are signs & messages from your angels, ancestors & spirit guides that they want you to connect with them if you aren't already.

our angels, ancestors and spirit guides are always with us, guiding us and protecting us but they are always waiting for your call. waiting for you to connect and make the connection stronger, bring you a sense of peace & power within yourself.  


here are general messages and guidance your angels & ancestors are trying to communicate with you when you see these numbers on a clock or following you. 


11:11 - connect.
with your ancestors, angels & spirit guides.  

1:11 - trust.
your intuition, your heart, your spirit.

2:22 - relax.
you're being guided and protected.

3:33 - keep going.
don't give up. you're on the right path.

4:44 - stop stressing.
your ancestors got you. 

5:55 - let go.
your aligned & evolving. 


I hope this into guide helps you and brings you peace when you're in need. 
start connecting with your ancestors by  just speaking to them, praying to them and through meditation.


why do angel numbers appear?  ancestors, angels & spirits love communicating through signs and making things shift. making things align & to give you a sense of relief or a confirmation during a specific moment in time. 


when will you see angel numbers?  angel numbers like to pop up when you are least expecting it.

places you will see angel numbers:  clocks, stoves, phones, speed limits, signs, tv, gps, billboards and more. 

are there more angel numbers? there's a ton of number combinations that can appear In your life. more specifically birthdays or date that relate to specific events. 


any questions tips or comments about this post are welcome below. 

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