What's coming in 2024.

What's coming in 2024.

Happy New Year everyone.

I hope you are feeling as blessed as you are.
this year is bringing a new level of self trust and awareness. 

what's the point in continuously wallowing over things you can not change.
it's time to finally trust full force in your world and in the process. you know from experience that everything happens for a reason and in divine timing so it's time you allow yourself to trust in that fact and give yourself space to be calm and at peace with it.
this year brings a lot of healing in family and friendship relationships. making peace, finding peace, making amends, and rekindling with old friends.
however fair warning: keep them at a distance. you no longer have to allow people to have the same spot they once had. it's okay to do what a client called, "demote the friendship" and that's very on-brand with withholding these new boundaries in place. this year brings powers of focus and concentration more than ever and healing from abuse. go you!


what's coming in 2024 for earth signs.
boosting self-esteem, expressing sexuality, mental healing, and energetic living. emotional, intuitive, psychic power increase, healing, nurturing, determination, relaxation, tranquility, finding a spiritual ally, higher wisdom, abundance, and forgiveness.

what's coming in 2024 for water signs.
pain relief, transformation, vision, powerful protection, female fertility, calming emotions, attracting new love, growth, soothing, inner peace, universal perspective, strong memory, strength, support during changes, everyday stress relief, and clearing negative energy.

what's coming in 2024 for fire signs.
attracting love, balance, dreams come true, purity, kindness, good communication, peaceful outcomes, love and marriage, divine guidance, stillness, new connections, soothing, inner peace, strong memory, new beginnings, nature connections, and security.


what's coming in 2024 for air signs.
personal power, spiritual manifestations, earth healing, new experiences, good luck, prosperity, new opportunities, heart healing, increased abundance, passion, lucid dreaming, light of the soul, psychic abilities, enhanced intuition, mental clarity, and magnified energy.


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