waning crescent in leo.

waning crescent in leo.

waning crescent in leo.
new moon in virgo: on thursday. 

when new moons come rolling in you will always start getting the urge to start releasing who, what, where, and whatever is no longer serving you. 

allow yourself to declutter, to organize, donate, get things done, create to do lists, and allow yourself to just be guided my your intuition freely at all times.



What you need to focus on releasing this week.
The collective:


You could be experiencing digestive issues or stomach issues.
There’s so much to release this new moon it’s almost overwhelming.
Trying to usher these new beginnings and you turning over this new leaf. There is so much emphasis on taking your power back from social media right now. To learn to not give so much throughout the day to your phone and thesis distractions.
No funny shit, if you want to make it to this new earth you need to get the fuck off social media and start refocusing your energy back into constantly raising your vibration.
Constantly calling your energy back, constantly being in your creative bag, constantly creating. I see that so many people need to just start painting for real. There are no rules to this art shit or this creative shit. but these healing shit requires you to express yourself.
In order to properly heal you need to properly process your emotions and you need to always practice unconditional love.
You need to always put yourself first.
A lot of you have fallen off your beauty habits.
Get dressed for yourself. Getting dressed to feel good, to tap into your power fully as a divine feminine/masculine.
This new moon it's time to keep opening your heart to healing, to have the talks, the hard talks you’ve been avoiding, its time to listen and allow yourself to be heard.
Trust the universe is always guiding you the these messages and very divine moments to create spaces for you to heal, express, and move on. Your spirit team no longer wants you to stay in this constant cycle of keeping hate in your heart.
Protect your energy.
Release the anxiety.
Cleanse your aura daily.
Believe in yourself this time around, this is your time to step into your power and into your purpose fully.
You are always being guided, you just have to start trusting it.


What to release this new moon:


Earth signs. #virgo #taurus #capricorn

  • Things and people that disrupt your peace.
  • Not grounding your energy.
  • Not releasing heart wounds.
  • Negative energy and intrusive thoughts
  • Root and heart chakra out of balance


Water signs. #cancer #pisces #scorpio

  • Childhood wounds
  • Healing from the abuse
  • Getting distracted
  • Feeling alone and weak
  • Root chakra out of balance


Fire signs. #leo #aries #sagittarius

  • Not transmuting the energy
  • Letting everyone in your home
  • Being afraid of career success
  • Not communicating properly
  • Not finding balance
  • Throat and aura out of balance


Air signs. #gemini #libra #aquarius

  • Having harsh words and tone
  • Not communicating truth
  • Being disconnected to your spirituality
  • Not listening to your intuition
  • Throat and crown chakra out of balance


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