Venusian Magic: Nail Edition

Venusian Magic: Nail Edition

Venusian magic

Venus is usually talked about in regards to beauty, money, love.

Venus is also a war, strategy, value on a myriad of levels.

In the theology Venus is represented as Aphrodite and was placed on money and had temples and most likely alters for getting favor in the war. So Venus can also be power and I would also like to include the gift of persuasion. It doesn’t have to be in your face or very proactive I think of the empress card as well it is that abundance is all around you. Fertility can include ideas, opportunities, and the idea of procreation in whatever way. I would say Venus assists in aligning you with what is valuable.  Depending on where it is in your chart the theme of value will be amplified in that house. Venus can explore how we show up and we value in our relationships either in business, friendships, coworkers, & romantic relationships.

Having a symbiotic relationship with Venus shows us how we can turn up the volume of this energy in our lives. Depending on your chart you will notice how Venus affects you best.

How can we benefit from the energy of Venus?
We do so by honoring the beauty and value found in our lives from the minute detail.
It’s time to strategize beauty and value in our lives to be able to attract more.

Venus day is on Friday.
I haven’t been testing this theory of dressing for the planets.
Venus if we think about the colors it is the color of green a.k.a. money but also the heart chakra.
Another thing to know it is when the heart chakra is open it also includes the color pink.
So testing how you feel on Fridays in green and how they are in pink or doing a mixture of both.
We also need to notice that Venus also wants us to feel our best so that we can receive from the universe. I know the things that make me feel my best are getting my hair done or trying something different with it that makes me feel attractive and therefore I shine a little bit more. The feeling of when you just got a haircut right or using certain types of make up. These are all the nutrition ways of magic in the day today. We don’t have to wait until Friday we can add a little bit of Venus in our daily rituals.

Ways to add a little Venus sauce to the day.
(especially if there are certain days of the week that you struggle). 
Venus energy on that day may help counterbalance the difficulties so let’s talk magic.


  • Starting the day with Venusian teas Like a rose, cinnamon, hibiscus or adding honey to a green tea. Hot chocolate or things that are aphrodisiacs/increase happy hormones are recommended. I’d definitely research blooming flower or aesthetically pleasing teas for special Venus days.

•  Putting on perfumes that may have bright floral notes or your favorite scented lotion. Taking an extra moment to rub yourself down with oils and creams. Skincare and pampering days. 

•  Mirror affirmations as well as looking into the mirror and observing yourself with the energy of love, empowering, but also feeling comfortable in your skin. The most magnetic folks that you have come across are usually people who feel good within themselves.

•  If you use make up you can also say an intention while you do your make up.
For example, let’s say you are putting on of favorite shade of lipstick perhaps seeing as “I put on my lipstick in the shade of berry may it sweeten the conversations that I have today.”

•  I love to sit and think about the energy that I want to attract or embody when it comes to choosing my nail color. We always sit with all the 500 colors that our nail tech has and why not do it intentionally. And I think colors or combinations or even the symbols on them think of them as glyphs or protective representation and added energy in your day. This can be intuitive whatever your eyes gravitate towards or on purpose.

let’s say you want to feel confident you can choose a yellow or a seductive red or a c
alming & empowering blue. It can be as simple or complex as you’d like. I have had moons on my nails to connect with my emotions as well as read to feel like a baddie.
The red nail theory is a thing where psychologically people may be more generous or attracted to you.  

Doing Venus related activities can include:
redecorating, organizing, making where you are most of the time a sanctuary.
Taking care and nurturing plants. 

If you are into plant medicine combining flowers with any herbs that you may use.
I would even go as far as essential oils being diffused in your home or room burning it certain types of incense I would suggest either Herbal or floral incense.
Burning or boiling herbs like  rosemary, mint, basil.  

When in doubt you can always create an Altar for Venus:

• This can include crystals: rose Quartz, malachite, green aventurine, Ruby zoisite

and anything you are called to add. 

•  Sweet things— chocolates, perfume, honey or date syrup. 

•  Candles — pink & green or gold

•  Fabrics and/coins 

•  Love notes and intentions 

The thing about Venus is even in strategy it can be subtle.
Do not underestimate the power of feeling + intention well put together.

The largest thing about Venus is putting extra care into the self it doesn’t have to be something external for it to be a celebration of this planet Venus. Increasing beauty within and around you without having it be punishing is the key. Think of the places that bring you joy power and calm and see how you can re-create some of that in your day today. It can be through romantically aligning thoughts with our life, how we speak to ourselves, or even splurging for some thing like a soap or a bubble bath. Some thing that makes you feel valued within yourself. You are conspiring with the universe for abundance and it can be done in the gentlest of ways. There isn’t a right way to do magical things because what calls to you may be different for someone else so I always recommend using this as a reference but not as a rigid and limiting way of adding magic is to your life.

Magic is meant to be a fluid flow with guidelines.
Question for you:
You are love.
How do you keep replenishing the the embodiment of being love every single day?

Happy practicing 


Written by : Astrolyszics
a Black & Latine Owned spiritual wellness brand dedicated to uplifting & elevating healing through crystals, spiritual wellness tools, and guidance.

Services : crystal curation, astrology & tarot readings
Edited by: Briana Aniysa

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