New Month, New Blessings


new month.
new blessings.
new money.  
new version of me.


crystals of the month:

lapis lazuli + rhodochrosite


collective message:

this month is going to be about diving deeper into our meditation. diving deeper into ourselves. diving deeper into our ventures, into our art,  into our peace, and into fulfilling our dreams.

take note that your dreams have probably been getting a lot stronger. becoming a lot more vivid and it's because you're going through another ascension and awakening. You're about to purge out a lot of anger, a lot of filth. The rain and the cleansing has come and now the mucus will be coming up. As you heal and the sickness begins to dry up and work its way out, you will have to allow yourself to cough up the mucus and remove it. Don't swallow it back down.

prophetic dreams, releasing anger, serenity, grace.


We will be finding a burst in creativity this month! YAY!

Finally getting that needed boost and clarity to direct us on the next path and chapter. We have to remember to keep surrendering, keep letting go, keep learning and always remain a student to the universe.

We will have emotional triggers that will come up with the purpose to come out finally. Please take accountability but for some of you it's time to stand strong as fuck in your knowing and in your boundaries to make people meet you where you are. It's no longer you coming down to meet them where they are at. No more enabling. You are fine alone. You will soon pop out with a tribe that is consistently meeting your needs and meeting you at your level of emotional, spiritual, physical support/intelligence.

service, contentment, healing emotional wounds, renewal of passion.

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